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    Thu Jun 13 05:22:23 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Practise Free Online Roulette And Learn The Strategies Involved In The Game.

    Roulette has become quite popular due to the imagination that it has been able to capture. Though this game is quite unpredictable yet it has been able to attract people from all over the world.
    In order to enjoy the fun as well as the roulette bonus, you need to pay proper attention to the rules of the game table. You should also learn to respect your fellow players in order to get respect from others.
    The game starts when you execute your stakes in the free online roulette. You lay down your chips on the numbered design. The wheel is then rotated. Chips can be purchased on the basis of the amount of bet that you want to throw. However, make sure that when you leave the table after the game, you cash down your chips.
    If you want to enjoy the fun of winning the roulette bonus, you can follow some bonus winning strategies. These strategies would not guarantee you that you would win the game. However, you can get some benefits through these strategies.
    There are basically three variable ways by means of which you can place the bet in the free online roulette . You can either place your bet on the first twelve digits or you can do so on the second twelve or the last twelve digits.
    You might also consider your bet on the basis of odd numbers or even numbers which ever you think to be preferable. You can again make a choice of color. Actually these are all matters of luck which can greatly vary despite your thoughtful selection.
    The free online roulette would help you as a new player to a great extent. You would be able to spend your time by playing the free roulette before accepting the challenges. Once you practise yourself with the free games, you would be able to get confidence and it would make the achievement of the roulette bonus easier.
    The rules and the methodologies would be learned by you easily without any haste. As a result you would be able to practise the game in a stress-free manner. More or less every online casino allows its players with the free gaming option. With this you become familiar and confident to play with money.

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    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Horse Race Betting Online - 7 Tips In Doing Online Betting.

    Online sports betting is now a convenient way to bet on your favorite sports and that includes horse race betting online as well. Indeed, these days, you can just enjoy the game in front of your TV and be able to bet and win without having to go out. Although betting on the internet is convenient and easy, there are also advantages and disadvantages that you can get.
    If you want to try your luck in a horse race betting online, here are some tips to help you with online betting and in making yourself comfortable with virtual betting. Of course, betting right there on the racetrack is different and it is important to note of some safety precautions when it comes to your money as well.

    • Choose the type of bet you are comfortable and skilled with. In betting, there are simple bets and more combination ones. If you are a starter, you may want to start with the simple bets where you can win easily although, lesser than combination bets.
    • Study and research the horses. One advantage of horse race betting online is the convenience of researching or finding information about the horses, their riders and any other information you may want to consider to make a wise decision. Check out of previous races of horses, injuries as well as its track record.
    • Don't be directly swayed by the crowd favorites. Sometimes we tend to go with the flow, and if lots and lots of people are betting on the favorite, it may not be the best way to make a profitable win. Weigh out, decide and make sure you analyzed everything about the horse, the weather conditions, the race track and other factors that may affect the outcome of the race.
    • Choose a betting system or a software betting program that will assist you in making wise decisions. Keep in mind however, that even if you do have a betting system in place, it does not mean that you will be picking a winning horse always. These tools and software may help in increasing your chances of winning but they will never ensure that you can win every time you bet.
    • Make sure your payments and your financial information are secured. Perhaps one of the most important things that you also have to keep in mind is the fact that you will never know who you are dealing with online, thus it is very important to double check
    • Be ready to deal with the disadvantages. Of course, horse race betting online is dependent on internet connection, so make sure you can also add that into your consideration if you opt for online betting.
    • Enjoy the game. You may not be right there in the race track cheering, you can still enjoy the game in your own living room. Of course, horse race betting is done for enjoyment, so take time to enjoy it as well.

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    Wed Jun 12 07:07:36 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Here Are The Quickest And Easiest Ways For You To Succeed At The Casino.

    1. Blackjack
    This is the most popular table game in the casino with a house edge of only 1%. Try to avoid the blackjack insurance bet as there is a house advantage of 5-8%. By learning Edward Thorpe's basic strategy (Beat the Dealer) you can cut the house advantage down from 2-3% to around 0.5%.
    2. Video Poker
    Hold any of the major hands down to a straight. After this the next best bet is holding four cards making up a royal flush.
    3. Roulette
    Try to play with a single zero wheel. The house advantage is 5.26% for double zero wheels and just 2.7% for single zero wheels. Another rule that cuts the house edge is called en prison. It works with any of the even bets. Say you bet red and zero comes up. With the en prison rule the bet is held until the next spin. If the next spin is red you get your stake money back. If it is not red you lose.
    4. Craps
    The best bets to avoid are these ones as the house advantage rises. Big 6 and 8, Hard way 6 or 8, Hard way 4 or 10, Any craps, 3 or 11 position, 2 or 12 position, Any 7
    5. Red Dog
    This is almost a game of shear luck. Also known as between the sheets. The smallest spread at which players gain an edge is seven. That's' when there are more cards in the deck that could help you rather than hurt you. Therefore only raise when the spread is at least seven.

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    Tue Jun 11 18:38:03 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение 4Donk Casino Review - Bonuses And Promotions.

    4Donk is owned by Poker in Venice Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is fully licensed by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta. Poker in Venice owns more than 25 other gaming sites and therefore has earned their reputation throughout the years. It has a modern interface and links to 4 different software platforms.
    Bonuses and Promotions
    Just click on their website's promotions tab to get an idea of just how many bonuses and promotions they do have on offer at any one time. These offers are change very regularly to keep things interesting but at the time this article was published they offered a 100% matching bonus deposit of up to 500 units in your currency. You are able to cash this bonus, as well as their other bonuses, as soon as you have met their play through requirements. They don't currently offer a refer a friend bonus and please ensure that you read the terms and conditions of any online casino bonus before you sign up for it. Online casino bonuses always come with fine print and you may lose out if you don't make an effort to spend five minutes reading through the details.
    A Variety of Games
    Although 4Donk is mostly a poker site, they do offer a variety of games. They have live dealers at their casino, as well as casino games, and sportsbook using Everleaf Gaming, EnetPoker, Merge Gaming Network, IGT Interactive, and World Match Ltd. Some of their games include: Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Casino Hold'em, Hi-Lo, Let'em Ride, Punto Banco, Roulette, Scratch Cards, Live 30 et 40, Live Blackjack, Live Punto Banco, and Live Roulette. You can play using either the download or flash version.
    Customer Services and Banking
    4Donk is available in English and Italian and you can play in US Dollar or in Euro. Their banking transactions are done via 4Donk Ltd Banking Processor. There are several deposit and withdrawal options to choose from such as Visa, Mastercard, NETeller, EcoCard, Boleto Bancario, Envoy, iDEAL, , Paysafe Card, Postepay, Moneybookers, Ukash, and WebMoney.
    Their customer service team is both friendly and professional and can be reached via either live online support or their email address: support@ The casino keeps a full list of your transaction history and you have full access to this and are able to print it at any time for full transparency.
    4Donk = 4 Networks
    4Donk is a very original casino name with a very original concept: the website allows you to only register once but for that username and password to allow you access to 4 networks. Membership is free and all bonuses and promotions are cleared from the central website. The lobby will give you a preview of games of all the four networks.
    Let's have a look at the four poker rooms that you will have access to:
    A� The Enet Poker Room offers unique games that can be played on all 32bit and 64bit Microsoft machines. They have a large player community from all over the world.
    A� The Entraction Poker Room has user friendly software and several varieties of poker. This poker client is growing daily and its software's intuitive interface provides you with one of the best poker experiences you will have had experienced in a long time.
    A� The Everleaf Poker Room is at the forefront of online poker room features and design. The complete and integrated system provides every tool imaginable to make your poker experience fun, simple, and unforgettable.
    A� The Casino di Venezia Live Poker Room features real live play in a casino based in Malta that is called Casin?� di Venezia.

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    Sun Jun 9 18:51:36 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Sports Betting - The Secret To Success.

    -image-When I look for information on sports betting, one thing becomes absolutely clear. The vast majority of those who bet on sports both believe in and seek a can't lose betting system.
    To fill that desire, there is no shortage of sports betting products being sold on that promise. Some claim a winning percentage of up to 97%, except for Dr. Jay, who now has an infallible system for baseball that will never lose.
    I would be willing to bet that they make more from selling the betting systems than using them.
    I can not call the customers victims. They make the choice to believe in the things and fork over a large amount of money to get them. They may not get what they expect, but they get what they deserve.
    This article is not for those people. It is for the true bettors that know there is a way, but a never lose system is not it. For it is they who will understand the secret to success when it is presented to them.
    So what is the secret to success in sports betting? It has to be treated as though it were any other business.
    Sounds simple enough, but most people have no idea how to go about it. They get a bankroll, make some bets, lose the bankroll, and then start all over again. To them, sports betting success is nothing more than how much of a bankroll you have, or how much is left.
    They will never succeed. And even if they did, it could not be duplicated because they would have no idea what they did right. And more importantly, what they can do better next time.
    If you are out to make a lot of money betting on sports, you need a lot of self contained systems that will consistently pick a few more winners than losers. You need to place a lot of bets with smaller amounts rather than a few bets with larger amounts.
    A successful sports betting business consists of many smaller systems that will each add to the profits on the bottom line. If you are looking for a can't lose system, you will lose because the system does not exist. If you believe success can be had by winning just a few more games than you lose, you have the mindset to succeed.
    All you need now is to learn how to build the systems .

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  6. Sun Jun 9 04:31:11 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение How To Make $500 A Week With A Betting Bot.

    There is a lot of hype around automated betting bots but before you think about using them there are some key things I can share which will really help. Betting bots are basically pieces of software which interface with the exchanges and which can offer great advantages by automating your betting.
    Time Saving. You can get on with other things while the software makes selections and places bets to your rules.
    Speed of Betting. Bots interface with the betting exchanges software and can place bets in a fraction of a second. A huge advantage can be gained with the popular 'In Play betting'. The Betfair trading software can be set up to back and lay as conditions change and hence lock in profits.
    They are... Robotic! A silly thing to say but by this I mean they don't make mistakes or act with emotion as us lowly humans do. They will never be tempted to go 'one more bet' to hit the winner, they will only do as you tell them. Believe me this is a major benefit and fits well with the time saving advantage.
    They don't make mistakes. As stated above, they won't change your betting strategy by error such as backing when odds are too low for your system. They never get tired or bored and hence if you have abetting system that works the bot is perfect and will execute selections and trades for you perfectly.
    Great as they are, they are not automatic cash machines and are pieces of software which need setting up. When I see images of cash machines ued to promote them I shudder! Do not be fooled by anyone marketing or promoting services this way. The essential question is can you make money with a betting bot and I have the experience to confirm that yes you can. To do so you will need the following -
    A proven strategy - a betting system that works. Again this may sound obvious but many people are fooled by the magical software and fail to apply it to a robust, proven system. Such an approach is doomed to lose money!
    A betting bank. You must have an amount of money set aside as an 'investment' separate from your spending money and savings. This one step alone gives you a professional approach to your betting and sets you ahead of 90% of punters.
    Discipline. This is essential. Do not be tempted to deviate from a system. Do not be tempted to place a further bet on a losing day if there isn't a real qualifyer.
    A flexible, stable and proven Betfair bot. I personally use the oddly named 'grey horse bot' and talk about this more in my blog. New ones appear all the time but this one is from a long established software house and they are experts in their field.
    There are free betting bot trials available and these offer a good chance to test them out. You must view using one as a long term project but if you apply the principles I have described here you are on a definite path to profit.

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  7. Sat Jun 8 15:45:33 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Win At Online Roulette - Without Wasting Money On 'Guaranteed' Systems.

    -image-How do you win at Roulette? Well, type 'winning roulette system' into Google and you'll discover around 863,000 entries - most of them promising to sell you a magic, 100% guaranteed system that will make you wealthy in a matter of days and weeks.
    Believe them at your peril.
    The simple truth is that there is no 100% guaranteed system. As the great Albert Einstein once said, "The only way to beat Roulette is to steal the money when the dealer's not looking." Many of the system sellers simply want you to sign up at one of their 'recommended' online casinos. They get an instant referral or affiliate reward from the casino and - in the main - you get to lose the price of the system and potentially much, much more to the casino.
    Other sellers simply offer you a variation of the Martingale system. The logic is simple: place a bet on say Red and if it doesn't come up, double your stake. Keep doing this until red does come up. Sounds almost plausible until you do the maths. Here's the progression: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128. Let's stop there (although I've seen online casino games where Red has chosen not to appear for twelve times!) If we just take the eight progressions in the sequence above, you will have lost a total of $255.00. Add just three more bad results and you'll be down by $2047.00. Can you feel the pain? Believe me, I've been there and the simple reality is that you will get wiped out - and sooner rather than later.
    A few system sellers will try to bamboozle you with science. This system, they will say, is based on complexity theory or some vastly impressive algorithm. The result, in my experience, is the same. You lose, and the system seller (and especially the casino) wins.
    Is there any system that works, then? Not if you're looking for a guaranteed positive result every time. It simply won't happen. That said, it is possible to win consistently more than you lose if you adopt an exceptionally cautious strategy designed to minimise the risk of a wipe-out. There are many such systems - and I will tell you about just one of the systems that I have used successfully for the past four months without a loss (so far!). I am not advising you to use this and if you do so, you do so at your own risk. I can only tell you what has worked for me. Here goes. Watch the online wheel and only place a bet on Red if Black has already appeared nine times in a row. The longest one-color sequence I have ever experienced is 12 plus one zero - so I make sure that my bank is sufficient to cover at least four negative results plus an extra three as a safety margin. Starting with a $1 stake, in other words, I need to have a bank of at least $127 just to be safe.
    The flaw in the system? Glad you asked. Waiting for nine Reds or Blacks in a row can take many hours - in fact, there are rare occasions when you could sit there all day and still be waiting. If you're thinking 'life's too short', I would have to agree.
    But there is a solution . Look carefully in the marketplace and you will discover a small number of automated robots (the one I use is Roulette Bot Pro - but there are others.) These often come with pre-installed strategies, but I tend to avoid them. The beauty of the robots is that you can put in your own betting strategy (the nine-blacks-or-reds-in-a-row strategy, for example) and then just leave your computer and the automated software running. When the magic sequence happens, the software immediately places your agreed stake and will repeat the sequence for only as long as you tell it to. I have tested the nine in a row strategy and it has been consistently successful - slowly (sometimes very slowly) accumulating small wins that mount up over time.
    The automated software allows you to test other strategies, too - and to do so on the demo version of whatever online casino you choose. This is a great learning tool, if only to alert you to the major flaws of most systems you try. But there are other successful strategies which I will shortly try on a live platform. Remember, though, this is gambling. Never gamble with money you can't afford to lose - and definitely avoid the temptation to chase your losses with bigger and bigger bets. Online roulette can be fun, and it can be profitable - but treat it with due caution and make sure that you never get carried away. And never be tempted by anyone who promises you a 100% guaranteed system. At best, they're deluded. At worst, they're taking you for a ride.

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  8. Fri Jun 7 21:29:14 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Who's Winning With The System?.

    Man's incessant desire is to go against the mainstream and better the odds at achieving the unachievable . Since we wanted to reach the skies but didn't have wings like birds or angels, we designed and built a flying machine. Gambling also drew in crowds of interest, revving the hype that a win is always around the corner with the next spin, the next card, the next roll of dices. Experts jumped on the bandwagon and introduced countless methods and strategies to improve the odds of winning and taking down the house. To entice potential buyers of their systems, they focused on players who favored the more common games, supposedly betting and winning small.
    In trying to predict how the wheel would spin and where the little white ball would end up, the roulette betting system spread like wildfire and continues to pick up speed. Gullible patrons tended to believe that Lady Luck, if she ever existed, would eventually smile on them. Each betting system boasted its own set of rules and strategies. Most relied on mathematical probabilities, numbering sequences, betting patterns, colors of square, etc. I suppose there could even be a system based on the weather of the day if proven to improve the odds. Some creators claimed to have sufficient integrity to not charge for their systems and only asked for a small contribution if their clients were to win. If the creators supposedly had a winning formula in their hands, why haven't they raked in the winnings and caused casino houses to go out of business? It seemed their only winnings were in convincing gullible patrons to buy their so-called systems, somewhat akin to the snake-oil salesman of old.
    Based on history, whenever someone won big, the overall benefit is practically nothing as he had already lost big. Hence, advice from the wise is to step away from the table before losing it all.

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    F florenciaballentine разместил сообщение в Sports Betting Tips For Making Money.

    Sports' betting enhances the enjoyment of viewing the game. It is like topping on an ice cream - it adds zing to an already delightful thing.
    There are professional gamblers who place their bet on sporting events with the sheer intention of making money. There are also gamblers who gamble only to have fun and not to win or lose. However, there are many who indulge in both - enjoying the game as well as in making money.
    Apart from the ability to predict the outcome of the game, there are other important aspects which you can consider to increase your earnings. The following tips with help you become a better gambler.
    Different sports books apply different line. Although the lines used are pretty close - it is best to browse multiple books till you find a line which is favorable for you. For instance at a college basketball match if you are placing your bet on Maryland-Duke game with Duke being the underdog. So if +6 is in one book and +6.5 in another and you are placing your bet on Duke, it is best to place the bet on +6.5. So if Duke loses the match by 6 you will win your bet. On the other hand those who placed their bet on +6.5 lose. This way you can win many bets. Therefore do not underestimate that half point.
    Although it is big games that most people bet on, remember that these games can prove risky. Often, the less significant games turn out to be safe and profitable bets. It is casual bettors who bet only on exciting games, smart bettors look for every opportunity to place a good bet.
    Undoubtedly, it is experience that enables you to predict the line shifts. But a good thumb rule is to bet early on the favorite and bet late to bet on the underdog. Normally, it is If you have any type of inquiries pertaining to where and how to utilize [url=https://adsze.com/%EB%B2%A0%ED%8C%85-%EA%B0%80%EC%9D%B4%EB%93%9C/' rel='nofollow external' target='_blank' class='link-external'>먹튀검증 , you could call us at our own web-site.

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    Wed May 15 21:59:41 2019
    F florenciaballentine начал обсуждение Improving Your Local Bookie Business With An Offshore Pay Per Head Service.

    Football season is in full swing and college bowl season is just about ready to start. In just a few days, the amount of bets coming in every day may become overwhelming. If you are a local bookie trying to hold down a full time job as well as keep your players happy, be prepared to get very little rest over the next few weeks. Or, perhaps, maybe you want to use some vacation time to take all of this extra action. We are sure the wife would just love that! Instead, why not use an offshore pay per head service to lighten your load?
    Offshore bookie services have been gaining in popularity for years. A significant amount of local bookies can actually have a real life and manage their bookie business. Instead of hiring more staff or opening up more phone lines during increased betting periods, they merely pay a small fee per players and let the call center and their Internet site handle the action.
    Talk to any local bookie using a pay per head and they will tell you how much more convenient it is for both them and their players . They no longer have the need to stay by the phone every night, because the call center handles all the action. For more modern players that enjoy wagering online or via their smartphone, they also have a free website to direct their players to. All they do is sit back and watch the money roll in!
    Having the convenience of being able to place wagers whenever and wherever they want is very important to the modern day gambler. In addition to this convenience, they are also able to place their bets more discreetly. Let's face it, gamblers hate it when other people know their business. Now, instead of having to make a call in front of people or excusing themselves from the room, they can discreetly place their wagers just as easy as sending a text message.
    If you have been thinking about expanding your business, using an offshore PPH is an even better idea. When you think about expansion, it generally means it is going to cost you more money. Why hire more operators and pay for more phone lines when you can just pay a few bucks for a new player without causing any further stress to your operation? All you need to do is set them up with an account and they are ready to place their wagers.
    You want to have a better operation and your players want more convenience. Using a pay per head company like Real Price Per Head satisfies everyone. You will finally have a local bookie operation that is on par with every major sportsbook in operation. No longer will you lose players to sites like BoDog or GTBets. It is time to stop losing players and to start expanding your business again, and an offshore pay per head lets you do exactly that!

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