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    Thu Jul 11 08:03:19 2019

    With an unprecedented number of performances, this year's Oscars could look a little more like the Grammys.

    "We have a staggering amount of performers, and each of them needs a dressing room... We're measuring the magnitude of how big the show is by the fact that we don't have (enough) dressing rooms," Academy Awards producer Craig Zadan said.

    Just added to the list of stars who may need spots? The cast of "Chicago."

    Awards show producers Zadan and Neil Meron, 김천콜걸 who both produced the hit 2002 musical, announced Monday that Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Queen Latifah and Richard Gere will reunite on the stage where "Chicago" won its best picture Oscar 10 years ago.

    "In a night of celebration of the music of the movies, we find it very appropriate," Meron said.

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  2. Thu Jul 11 08:01:06 2019

    That was the message from the advisers as they grappled with exactly what the Food and Drug Administration should tell women.

    The advice Wisconsin health officials offer pregnant women may be the right approach until the FDA gets better data, the panelists concluded: Two 6-ounce cans of tuna per week is fine if that's the only fish they eat, or a single can if other seafood, which also can contain mercury, is part of their diet.

    "Nobody wants to tell people to stop eating tuna fish," said the panel chairman, Sanford Miller of Virginia Tech University. "We're trying to balance the very positive virtues of fish, including tuna fish, with the harms. It's a very hard balance to make."

    Indeed, tuna provides high-quality protein for pregnant women who might instead opt for higher-fat bologna, added panelist Joseph Hotchkiss, a Cornell University food scientist.

    The FDA already tells pregnant women not to eat four fish species that contain the highest levels of mercury: shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish, also known as golden or white snapper.

    But those women should eat up to 12 ounces a week of a variety of other cooked fish, including canned tuna, 진주출장안마 shellfish and smaller ocean fish, the FDA advises. Canned tuna and those other species contain far less mercury than types on the don't-eat list.

    But the FDA's advice, issued last year, caused an uproar as consumer advocates charged that tuna should be limited, too — because as the nation's most popular seafood, women may eat enough to add up to risky mercury levels.

    The U.S. Tuna Association declined comment on the panel's conclusion. But the food industry testified that very few pregnant women eat enough fish, much less tuna, today to absorb worrisome mercury levels. The FDA's advice last year was sound, said Rhona Applebaum of the National Food Processors Association.

    Fish is very nutritious. The American Heart Association recommends people eat it twice a week to absorb heart-healthy fats; it also contains fats important for fetal brain development.

    But different species also harbor different amounts of mercury, a metal believed harmful to the growing brains of fetuses and young children. Typically, the largest fish contain the most mercury.

    About 8 percent of U.S. women of childbearing age have enough mercury in their blood to be at risk of having babies with subtle learning disabilities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. Eating seafood is considered the main source.

    Pregnant women would have to eat more than two cans of tuna a day for weeks to really be at risk, FDA scientist Michael Bolger argued Thursday.

    But the FDA's advisory panel, ending a three-day inquiry into the controversy, countered that no one knows what proportion of the mercury in a woman's diet tuna actually contributes to.

    In fact, women could absorb far more mercury if they also eat freshwater fish that friends or family catch in local lakes or rivers. Some state waters are heavily polluted with mercury, and the FDA doesn't regulate recreationally caught fish.

    The FDA should quickly research just how big a risk canned tuna truly is, but in the interim urge that pregnant women — and young children, too — take extra care by limiting their consumption, the panel decided.

    It also urged FDA to work more closely with the Environmental Protection Agency and states issuing advice that takes into account recreationally caught fish — and to do a better job of educating women about what seafood they should eat.

    Consumer advocates called the decision a victory.

    "The advisory committee says FDA can't leave consumers in the dark about mercury in their favorite fish, tuna," said Caroline Smith DeWaal of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

    The FDA deems safe fish that contain less than 1 part per million of methylmercury. The average commercial fish contains 0.12 ppm. Canned tuna on average contains only slightly more than that, but amounts can vary to as much as 0.75 parts per million, Bolger said.

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    Thu Jul 11 05:49:21 2019

    New York schools, which serve about 800,000 meals a day, will also serve lower-fat versions of foods such as tacos and chicken nuggets. And beef ravioli and macaroni may soon be history.

    By 2008, the city expects to abide by federal recommendations that no more than 30 percent of the calories in school lunches come from fat.

    School vending machines will continue to sell cookies, potato chips and pretzels, among other snacks, along with all-juice drinks and water, school officials said Tuesday.

    The changes come amid alarm about poor diets and fitness among children. About 13 percent of children are overweight, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    California has mandated what schools should serve in cafeterias, and Texas set new guidelines on student exercise.

    Last year in Los Angeles County, 전라북도콜걸 health concerns prompted school officials to vote to phase out the sale of soda pop and sugar-laden soft drinks to its 748,000 students.

    In voting unanimously to end the sale of soda in vending machines and cafeterias by January of 2004, the Los Angeles School Board rejected arguments that its 677 campuses need the money they make from the drinks, saying that students' health should take precedence over fund raising.

    Critics of the soda ban argue that sugar-laden drinks are only part of a larger health and junk food problem and some Los Angeles school administrators predicted that they will have trouble paying for such things as dances and band uniforms.

    A study conducted two years ago by Massachusetts researchers concluded that drinking sugar-sweetened soft drinks increases the chance of childhood obesity. Some other studies have failed to find any link.

    Others argue that school officials are focusing on student diets while education suffers, and that officials should leave the issue of the children's diets to their parents.

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    Q quinnparkin967720465 начал обсуждение Even So, Testing For The Virus Is Complicated.

    -image-Health officials were scrambling to determine if the virus can be spread through blood transfusions, even as they emphasized that the blood supply is very safe. The risk of contracting West Nile from blood is significantly lower than the risk of forgoing any procedure that would call for 천안출장마사지 a blood transfusion, they said.

    Ultimately, a screening test is probably needed, said Dr. Lester Crawford, acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He said government would work with industry to stimulate faster development of a test.

    Even so, testing for the virus is complicated. Some of the tests that are used to diagnose West Nile in sick patients won't pick up the virus in donated blood. Other tests are more promising, but they would require significant improvements to be practical on a mass scale, enabling blood banks to screen millions of pints each year.

    "I'm reasonably optimistic that if needed, it could be done," said Dr. Jesse Goodman, deputy director of the Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research at the FDA.

    Others are less confident.

    "It's going to take several years to have a test suitable for blood donors," said Dr. Harvey G. Klein, chief of the Department of Transfusion Medicine at the National Institutes of Health and past president of the American Association of Blood Banks.

    West Nile, which emerged in the United States just three years ago, has exploded across much of the country this summer. A total of 737 human cases — including 257 in the last week alone — and 35 deaths have been reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. The median age of patients was 52, with 57 percent of the victims male.

    Concern hit new heights Tuesday when officials confirmed that at least three of four people who had received organs from a Georgia woman had contracted the disease. One died.

    Officials said they are convinced that these patients contracted the disease through their transplants, though they don't yet know whether the virus can be spread through blood as well. The CDC was advising transplant doctors to be alert for West Nile in their patients, but say current information does not warrant changes to national blood or transplant policies.

    Dozens of epidemiologists at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta and the CDC lab in Fort Collins, Colo., were trying to figure out how the organ donor, a Georgia woman who died in a car crash, got West Nile. She had received blood from more than 60 donors before she died, and they were tracing those blood donors to see if any of them have the virus. They are also tracking down about a dozen other people who had received transfusions from the same donors.

    It's possible that the organ donor may have contracted West Nile from a mosquito bite, like others have. And it's possible that the virus can be spread through organ transplants but not through blood. Still, health officials suspect that blood can carry the virus, at least in some cases.

    For now, they are reminding blood banks to be sure that no one who has a fever or appears ill donates blood, which could eliminate those with mild West Nile symptoms. They are also urging organ procurement organizations to be aware of the issue.

    While scientists are developing a test, Goodman suggested, early versions could be used to screen blood going to patients who are particularly susceptible to West Nile. The FDA could allow use of the test as an experimental product before it is officially proven effective and licensed. That, he said, could give the blood supply some quick added protection.

    Still, Klein cautioned, the tests available today would produce a host of false positives, where healthy blood appears to be infected. Using these tests could mean throwing away many pints of good blood at a time when the blood supply barely keeps up with demand.

    West Nile is currently diagnosed in patients using an antibody test, which looks for signs in the blood that the body is fighting off the disease.

    But that test cannot be used to screen donated blood because the virus lingers in the blood for at least a few days — maybe as long as two weeks — before a patient develops symptoms and detectable antibodies, which the body produces to fight off disease. Officials are worried about people who donate blood before they know they are sick.

    Furthermore, people with West Nile don't always get sick. Just one in 150 people with the virus gets severely ill with a potentially fatal brain inflammation. An estimated one in five people will get minor symptoms.

    More promising, experts say, is a test that looks for the virus itself in the blood. Nucleic acid tests look for genetic material that is present in the blood and have already been successfully licensed to screen blood for HIV and hepatitis C.

    But it will be difficult to transform this sort of test into reliable mass production, where many different people will use it in many places.

    "There are many challenges in taking something that works in a lab and moving it into the field," Goodman said. "Those are challenges that can be met if needed, but they are substantial."

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