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    What Are The Best Techniques To Practice Remote Viewing?
    Individuals with a solid working knowledge of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) have undoubtedly encountered the "plateaus" experienced at various levels throughout the ability's development. In 1984 I organized a pair of successful 10,000 mile remote viewing experiments between Moscow and San Francisco with famed Russian healer, Djuna Davitashvili. CRV was first called coordinate remote viewing" because it used geographic coordinates instead of outbounder beacon" teams to focus the viewer on the target.

    It's a good idea to note down how you are feeling during your last remote viewing session. Learn how this is accomplished, continueing the remote viewing session. Damian addresses many of the great questions from Confessions of a Paid Remote Viewer Leak Project video.

    Remote viewers were also said to have helped find SCUD missiles and secret biological and chemical warfare projects, and to have located and identified the purposes of tunnels and extensive underground facilities. If it is a person you are viewing who happens to be spiritual or psychic they may sense that they are being remote viewed by you and may shut you out, cutting off your remote viewing for the session.

    If you are interested in Remote Viewing, is important to practice this skill if you wish to properly use it for yourself or others. Again, there is nothing wrong with this practice, however, as a beginner it might lead to more confusion than clarity and may cause you to lose confidence in Remote Viewing.

    One outcome of this change in policy is the government's recent admission of its two-decade-plus involvement in funding highly-classified, special access programs in remote viewing (RV) and related psi phenomena, first at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and then at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), both in Menlo Park, CA, supplemented by various in-house government programs.


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