10 Tips On How To Thrift Shop Like A Boss

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    Our commercial shopfitting blog is designed to help business professionals who require an internal fit out, understand who shopfitters are, what we do, how we can make your job easier and what the current trends are in the industry. There's a lot to think about, including how effectively your products can be displayed and how easy it is for customers to access and navigate the shop. Signage lighting is another cool shopfitting trend for retailers and you will also see manequins draped in light fixtures in some stores.

    Getting your shop design right now will help you attract customers and increase product sales in the future. This might sound a bit over the top but the way you look and feel about yourself can be transformed by wearing bras and clothes that fit you well. It's always a good idea to show your ballet teacher your new shoes before attaching any ribbons so she can confirm the fit before letting you dance on pointe.

    If you are planning the shopfitting of a store or a supermarket then the shopfitting should be done in a way that the items displayed are not only organized, they also are displayed in the best possible way. Invitational signs are rare in many retailers' stores because they take a bit more work than slapping a sale price on day-glo yellow posterboard, but they can deliver many more profitable sales.

    Retail merchandising, when done right, removes confusion of what to buy from shoppers, encourages a customer to shop in your store rather than in another, and most importantly, converts more shoppers into customers. New tenants must also understand that there are some specific requirements to follow when designing a retail fitout.

    People underestimate shopfitting because it's commonly assumed it only starts at the physical stage. Have your feet measured and fitted each time you purchase shoes. At the least, keep your cigars in a tight fitting cupboard, storebuild drawer or box, away from radiators and other sources of heat.

    To remedy this, wear a form-fitting tank top and boy shorts or leggings to make trying things on as easy as possible even if it means changing in the middle of the store. Always review the specific helmet manufacturer's recommendations for proper helmet fitting either on the manufacturer's web site or in the store.


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